Direct Deposit FAQ
If I do not sign up for Direct Deposit, will I still be able to collect royalties?
Yes. BMI’s default payment method is payment by check sent to your address on file. That said, Direct Deposit is BMI’s recommended method of payment.
Do I have to earn a certain amount of royalties to receive payment?
Yes. Reference the chart below for BMI’s minimum payment thresholds. Please note the difference between Direct Deposit and check payment.
Distribution Date Direct Deposit Minimum Check Payment Minimum
August $2 $25
November $2 $250
February $2 $250
May $2 $250
If quarterly earnings fall below these amounts, an Accrual Report will be generated, and you will not receive a quarterly payment. Earnings will continue to accumulate for up to 12 quarters or until you reach the minimum threshold for a payment. When the threshold is met, payment will be made in the distribution for which the minimum threshold was met.
Once I add my bank details, how long will it take for my Direct Deposit to become active?
Approximately 14 business days.
Why did I receive a $0 deposit from BMI after submitting new bank account information?
When a new bank account is activated for Direct Deposit, the account goes through a verification process where BMI sends a transaction of $0 to confirm that the banking details provided are accurate.
What if I was sent a payment, but my Direct Deposit information was invalid or the bank account had been closed?
If a deposit is sent to an invalid or closed account in good standing, the earnings will be sent back to BMI. Roughly two weeks later, BMI will automatically re-issue these earnings to you by sending a check by mail to your address on file, or by Direct Deposit if new bank details have been recently authorized.
Where can I find BMI’s payment schedule?
You can find this year’s distribution schedule online at Creators |
What is the deadline to sign up for Direct Deposit before the next distribution?
Generally, it is one month before the next distribution date.
Can I direct deposit my royalties into a bank outside of the United States?
Yes. You can register an account with Payoneer, then use the USD banking information they provide to set up your direct deposit with BMI through your BMI Online Services account. Royalty payments of $2.00 and above will be paid to your Payoneer account. For more information about Payoneer click here. Please refer to your Payoneer terms and conditions for any fees that may apply.
You may also elect BMI to send payment via wire; however, wire transfers will be remitted when the threshold of $250 is earned in November, February, or May, or when $25 is earned in August. Please see your bank’s terms and conditions for any fees that may apply. You can request a wire transfer form by emailing
Why are some of my accounts not listed?
Certain accounts are not eligible for online direct deposit application. If your account is administered or paid to a 3rd party the account is not eligible.
Do I have to agree to the terms for BMI to direct deposit my royalties?
Yes. You must confirm that you are authorized to enact direct deposit for the account and that you understand that this transaction does not change the way BMI reports income for tax purposes.
How will I know if my direct deposit application is accepted?
The online Direct Deposit screen includes the status. When your request is submitted the status will change from Inactive to Pending Verification. When the application is fully processed the status will change from Pending Verification to Active. If the bank rejects your direct deposit application, the status will be changed to Inactive and a letter will be sent via mail with an explanation of the problem.
What is a royalty assignment?
BMI will recognize a temporary assignment of your royalties to a lending institution or other person or entity who makes a bona fide loan of a specific sum of money to you which is intended to be repaid, in whole or in part, from your BMI royalties. A special loan assignment form, executed by both you and the lender and acknowledged by BMI, must be completed and signed before BMI will pay your royalties to the lender. The form can be obtained from your local Creative office. There is no fee to update BMI’s records to reflect temporary loan assignments.

BMI also will accept certain irrevocable permanent assignments of royalties to a third party who purchases your royalty income stream. In such cases, BMI requires a copy of the dated and signed assignment from you to the purchaser, the completion of and your signature before a Notary Public on the appropriate BMI Royalty Assignment Form (RAF) and an IRS Form ( for the purchaser. There is an administration fee for handling these kinds of assignments. Please note that BMI’s acceptance of permanent assignments is subject to specific limitations and conditions.